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Andre Rebolo, better known online as Typical Gamer, is a Canadian YouTuber well known for his Fortnite and GTA 5 videos and livestreams. With over 7.2 million subscribers & over 1.5 billion video views we knew that we had to come correct in breaking down and building up his brand. This is a look into how we crafted the most badass branding for a gamer that's anything but 'Typical'.
• Outdated from an aesthetic point of view • Too youthful of a feel • Does not represent Typical Gamer on a personal level • Does not translate very well across multiple mediums • Doesn’t lend itself to a modern fashion brand
// Logo Application — Vertical, Horizontal & Super Horizontal
// Color Story & Applied Variations
// Graphic Treatment — Duo Tone & Selective Gradient Maps
// Merchandise — 'Hero' Tee & 'Analogue' Reflective Hoodie
// Merchandise — 'Saints' Long Sleeve & 'Press Start' Tee
// Merchandise — 'Hero' Snapback & 'Game Ready' Scallop Tee
This is where we take the bones of the brand and make it come to life. From creating loadup animations for Typical's YouTube videos to skinning Typical's storefront and pushing out mailers for his audience to stay up to date on what just dropped. The bones of the brand are strong & bold which always maintains its impact but it's also modern enough to allow it morph with the newest vibes.
// Collateral — Typical Gamer Loadup Animation
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Visit typical.store to view the full release & more.
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